Sustainable tourism

Being awarded GSTC certification is a source of great pride for us at Hotel Union.
This certification is acknowledgment of all our hard work and commitment over the years to give our guests a sustainable tourism service which complies with the highest social and environmental standards.
Sustainable tourism is becoming more and more popular, so many people in the travel and tourism trade, like Hotel Union, are developing environmental programmes aimed at reducing the negative effects of tourism, creating a system which guarantees a positive impact.

Zero emissions and sustainable mobility

Over the past couple of years, we have improved the insulation of the whole building to reduce energy consumption. More than half the energy needed to run the hotel is produced with zero emissions, thanks to the photovoltaic and solar panels on the roof of the hotel and the tennis court.
Our guests also do their bit to help save energy by using the central power switches installed in all the rooms.
Our Hotel also encourages sustainable mobility. In our garage are two charging stations for electric cars and a battery charger for e-bikes.
Every day we look for new solutions to reduce pollution, choosing eco-friendly products and keeping the amount of plastic we use to an absolute minimum.

Our cuisine is varied, light and healthy. Our cooks prepare simple but tasty food using produce from our kitchen garden or locally sourced ingredients. In 2016 we were accredited by the Italian Coeliac Association. A special area in our kitchen has been set aside to prepare delicious and healthy meals for our gluten-intolerant guests.

We can make the difference

The aim of GSTC certification is to certify and promote hotels or tourist destinations which, without a second thought, proudly adopt an ethical and healthy supply chain and sustainable-oriented management in everything they do.

The criteria for certification are divided into 4 macro categories:
  • demonstrate sustainable management of the destination
  • maximize social and economic benefits and minimize the negative impacts on the local community
  • maximize the benefits for communities, visitors and the cultural heritage and minimize the negative impacts
  • maximize the benefits for the environment and minimize the negative impacts.

Day after day, we work to ensure the satisfaction of all our guests, actively involving them in our vision of sustainable tourism, because we believe that we may be small, but we can make the difference.