Hotel sports facilities to keep you in shape

"Mens sana in corpore sano" is a motto we share and that is a cornerstone of our life philosophy. Sport and physical activity, both indoors and outdoors are essential for maintaining a trim, healthy body and also for getting rid of tension and worries to keep an open, relaxed mind.
This is precisely why sport plays a central role in the facilities provided by the Hotel Union. While staying at our hotel you will have access to the natural gym created by the surrounding landscape and inside the Union you can use our swimming pool, tennis court fitness area and relaxation and wellness zone.

Swimming pool

In our swimming pool, given a saline treatment with no chlorine, you can swim freely in a space 12 metres long by 6 metres wide, or just let the beneficial properties of the water regenerate you as you enjoy the stunning view of the outdoor landscape through huge glass windows.

Tennis court

If you love a game of tennis, get ready for a major challenge!
While staying at our hotel you will have access to our professional standard covered tennis court.
The climate will be perfect whatever the time of year thanks to the zero-energy-impact air-conditioning system.
Even if you're not a guest at the hotel, you can still book our tennis court for a game.


Our little fitness area with Technogym equipment is ideal for keeping in shape and getting ready for physical activity. You can practice your favourite sport in total safety, choosing from the many facilities nearby our hotel.

Open-air sports

Cross-country skiing, cycling, running, Alpine skiing, hiking, Nordic walking, golf, climbing... the mountains and surrounding landscapes offer countless opportunities for an action-packed holiday. You can't fail to find the very best activities for you from among the many winter and summer sports Dobbiaco and its neighbourhood has to offer.