The secret formula for sustainability?

Since several years we adhere to a strict sustainability protocol which requires compliance in hundreds of criteria. We are one of the few hotels in possession of GSTC certification (global sustainable tourism council).

What’s the real importance of this certificate? For us it is comparable to the driver's license. The driver's license testifies that we can drive a car and that we have fully understand the rules of the roads, the GSTC certification testifies that we work in an environmental-friendly and sustainable way.

What does sustainability mean? It´s a broad term with many aspects. It's not just a trend, it's an attitude.

SUSTAINABILITY means protecting nature and contributing to its existence; we at Hotel Union do that continuously.

SUSTAINABILITY means innovation. Energy is saved, emissions (useless distributions) are continuously reduced or even avoided.

SUSTAINABILITY means introducing the guests in this new world of GSTC trying to make Dobbiaco with surroundings attractive for them. The train will serve as a means of transportation.

SUSTAINABILITY means educating our long-serving employees in their day-to-day work habits ensuring that they become amplifiers of good practice.

Sustainability also means thinking before acting. Thinking about how to do investments while not forgetting to support our local businesses.

Sustainability has thousand and more meanings. A few things you can discover during your stay here in our Hotel Union.

We love and respect the place we live in

Respect for the environment is a key value for us and we don't just believe in it but we put it into practice every day. We build partnerships with eco-friendly service providers and suppliers with first rate professional standards who share our commitment to preserving the beauty of our glorious natural surroundings.

Zero emissions

Over half the energy needs of our building are met from zero-emissions sources. The roof of our tennis court houses some 200m2 of photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic panels are the best system for generating clean electricity because they make use not only of that great light source that is the sun but also less fierce ones like moonlight. The energy generated in this way can be stored without any drop in power. The hotel roof is covered in solar panels for heating water.
Our heating is also zero-emissions, the necessary energy generated by a teleheating system serving the municipalities of Dobbiaco and San Candido. The power plant is one of the largest in Europe with nearly 20MW of power fed by woodchip biomass.
Good insulation of the whole building is of equal importance in order to avoid heat loss and maintain a pleasant constant temperature in all parts of the hotel.
Our recent addition of energy generated from biomass to the power produced by photovoltaic panels has enabled us to reduce the environmental impact of the Hotel Union.

Sustainable mobility: recharge columns for electric bikes and cars

Our care for and wish to protect the environment extends to the way we move around the area. In our garage you will find a type-two recharge station for electric cars and a battery charger for e-bikes.
We are happy to be able to offer you a holiday that isn't just enjoyable but also kind to the environment that we love so much.

Also our kitchen follows a sustainable food policy

Our cuisine is varied, light and healthy. Our cooks prepare simple but tasty food using produce from our kitchen garden or locally sourced ingredients.

Every day we look for new solutions to reduce pollution, choosing eco-friendly products and keeping the amount of plastic we use to an absolute minimum.

We can make the difference

The aim of GSTC certification is to certify and promote hotels or tourist destinations which, without a second thought, proudly adopt an ethical and healthy supply chain and sustainable-oriented management in everything they do.

The criteria for certification are divided into 4 macro categories:
  • demonstrate sustainable management of the destination
  • maximize social and economic benefits and minimize the negative impacts on the local community
  • maximize the benefits for communities, visitors and the cultural heritage and minimize the negative impacts
  • maximize the benefits for the environment and minimize the negative impacts.

Day after day, we work to ensure the satisfaction of all our guests, actively involving them in our vision of sustainable tourism, because we believe that we may be small, but we can make the difference.